Rockford Convent High School

Forward ever to serve

RCHSis a co-educational Institution with an aim to overall development of students in physical,mental emotional and social development of child there by increasing sense of Self-discipline integrity and inculcation of human values.Education plays a vital role in the development of human potentials.Accordingly Rockford Convent High Schoolcame into being in 9th Feb 2002.with a motive to create an excellent environment in educational society is registered under the societies Registration act 1860 with eminent personalities in its management. This institution is located in a clean green area of 2.5 acres. This educational Institution is designed in such a way to provide high quality education with a futuristic view of modern techniques .We give our students an optimum blend of excellence in Academics, strength in their personage and an ethos of human values.Our motto is “Forward Ever to Serve.”

No deserving child should be deprived of the right to quality education just for money and to bring up valued citizen for the nation, every child matter s and each one is a little V.I.P.

RCHS is wholly committed to this sublime cause of developing its students to became the future citizens of the country.

With the persistent and earnest Endeavour of the management the school is now in possession of an impressive look equipped with a science lab, Maths lab and well established, library, Computer hall ,Art and Craft room, Music room, Dance hall ,Basket ball court, Cricket court, Badminton court, volley ball court and all the indoor game facilities RCHS is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE with Code No. 530654.



  •                     TALK                                            SOFTLY
  •                     EAT                                             SENSIBLY
  •                     BREATH                                       DEEPLY
  •                     EXERCISE                                     DAILY
  •                     SLEEP                                          SUFFICIENTLY
  •                     DRESS                                         SMARTLY
  •                     ACT                                            EARLESSLY
  •                    WORK                                          PATIENTLY
  •                    THINK                                          POSITIVELY
  •                    TRUST                                         COURTEOUSLY
  •                    LEARN                                         PRACTICALLY
  •                    PLAN                                           ORDERLY
  •                    EARN                                           HONESTLY
  •                    SAVE                                           REGULARLY
  •                    SPEND                                         INTELLIGENTLY