Rockford Convent High School

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: Fee structure can be amended or revised any time without prior notice to the parents, whenever it is deemed essential decided and approved by the Managing Committee.

: Parents are requested to deposit the fee quarterly in cash or cheque in the month of  April , July ,  October & January School fee will be paid by the 10th of above  mentioned months, failing which late fee fine will be levied as follows. :

  •  11th to 15th OF THE MONTH Rs. 10/- (BY CASH ONLY)
  • 16th to 20th OF THE MONTH Rs. 20/-(BY CASH ONLY)
  • 21st to 31st  OF THE MONTH Rs. 100/-(BY CASH ONLY). 
 : Neither post dated nor out station cheques will be accepted.
 : In case a cheque furnished against fee bounce , a service charge of  Rs.250 shall be levied.
 : Parents are requested to note that the last date for payment will be last working day of the month. Starting the respective quarter up to 11.00 am after which the name of the students will be struck off the school rolls without giving any reminder.
 : The student will be  re-admitted on payment of an amount equal to 50% of the Admission fee and the Re-Admission will be entirely on the discretion of the Principal and availability of the  seats.
 : Payment must be through CASH / LOCAL CHEQUES only. Fees once paid shall not be refunded. Final payment at the time of  withdrawal shall be accepted only in cash.
 : Those parents, who would like to have a ‘ Tuition Fee Certificate ‘  from the school for any purpose must submit the counter slip of  the paid fee along with the application in the school office for obtaining the above certificate.