Rockford Convent High School

Forward ever to serve

  •   Bus routes are fixed and are not normally changed.
  •   Although all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the students  travelling in the buses  the school can not beheld responsible for any    injury  or mishap or death in case of an accident.
  •   It will be the responsibility of the parents to insure that their children should reach the pick-up and drop down point well in time,as the bus will not wait,if the child is not at te pick-up point.
  •   Parents should co-operate with bus drivers and bus incharges.
  •   Bus facility once availed , shall not be curtailed before the end of the    session.
  •   In case a student wishes to withdraw  the transport facility due to any special reason a written request giving one month notice will have to submitted to the principal failing which one month’s fee shall be charged  in lieu of the notice board.
  •   The Management reserves the right of amending or revising the    transportation charges due to hike in taxes or price of petrol or diesel without any prior notice to the parents.
  •   Transport facility is extended as a privilege and can not be claimed as a right. It can be withdrawn any time due to any emergency. Certainly the students  convenience   will be kept in mind but it cannot be claimed legally. In case of suddenly breakdown of vehicles, parents will be requested to make their own arrangements whenever required. Your kind co-operation will be solicited.