Rockford Convent High School

Forward ever to serve



Education If not in corporated with co-curricular activities cannot be considered workable and complete . The school is divided into  four houses with the prime objective  to inculcate in pupils a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity , a sense of team spirit and to encourage healthy competition.

Each house is under the charge of a house mistress along with House Captains and Vice  Captains who shoulder the responsibility through merritorial system and endure a smooth and efficient  functioning of the house.  The four houses are  JORDAN , TENDULKAR , DORIAN and RONALDO. Various activities are organised to build up team spirit such a dramatics, elecution , quiz , group dance , song,etc. Students will elect their house captain, vice captains health and disciplinary incharge and sport incharge.  The students council help the school administration in taking decisions to run the school efficiently.