Rockford Convent High School

Forward ever to serve

Rockford Convent High School has unmatched infrastructure and facilities providing a rich envoirnment. Our clean comfortable classroom and various activity areas are uniquely designed to address each child’s needs, abilities and development level. The colorful theme walls and age appropriate colorful furniture make the school dream place ¬†for the children where they would like to spend most of their time. They are used as teaching aids and help the child to develop various skills. School has lush green area and spacious classrooms as per norms.


The School library is well equipped with a capacity of 10000 books with separate text and reference books.The library has a big reading hall and a separate sectiondor audio cassettes and CDs.





Science Lab

Science Lab is a spacious hall that is equipped with latest equipments related to Physics,Chemistry and Biology.



Computer Lab

Computer education is NIIT Accredited





Art and Craft Room


The school has separated fine arts rooms where the students are learning art education under the guidance of qualified art and craft teachers.






Music and Dance Room

The school has a big hall for the practice of music and dance.







EduComp-Smart class

Now the education is a step ahead with Educomp-Smart class.Our class rooms are digitzed where students learn through interactive methods such as animated clippings presenting experiments and activites.




Sports Facilities


The indoor sports room is a spacious hall to play Carrom,Chess etc.




Play Ground


Sports helps a child to understand that a sound ad fit body is required for scholastic achievement.A wide renge of sports and games are part of our school programme.We provide practice to our students in cricket,volley ball,badminton,skating,Taikwando,Band,Khokho,Kabadi,chess,Basketball etc.